Consultancy Services for all your property needs

We aim to offer advice and support through consulting on a wide range of business needs, due to our many years of experience and diverse portfolio. Maxwell Facilities Management has therefore built up a great knowledge base and are equipped to offer recommendations and action plans to aid in property management. We would attend site and review all areas within the building and meet all staff, allowing our consultants to truly develop an understanding of how your business operates. This enables us to deliver personalised consultations which are truly effective


From budget forecasts, strategic planning to legal compliance, our consultants are equipped to deal with it all. Making your life easier by allowing you to focus on the things that matter the most to your business.

Maxwell FM has recognised that some Clients are unsure about their legal obligations and what is required of them from a compliance point of view. Conducting a Gap Analysis for your site would allow the Management to easily identify the shortfalls, highlight the levels of excellence, and identify steps to rectify any issues. The report would be submitted with recommendations and ideas to allow you to get the best from your site and team.

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Condition Survey Analysis

It is common for the Local Authority to carry out a Condition Survey on your building every 3-5 years. Maxwell FM has the expertise to analyse this document and advise on priority works. This is imperative to ensure you are looking after your building and maintaining its assets.

Perhaps your boilers only have 3 years left, or the roof needs to be replaced, or even the windows need replacing – if you do not plan this into your future expenditure then the money may be spent on something else.

Maxwell FM recognises that the Client must achieve the highest standard in its obligations to employees, visitors and all personnel who access the building. It also realises that the Client should be focusing on its core function and objectives and Maxwell FM would like to assist in this by supporting the Client in the facilities management of its site.

Strategic Planning

In all organisations there are always multiple premises documents to analyse and develop into a strategic management plan. At Maxwell FM, we are able to take this information and put it into a meaningful and clear Premises Plan to allow the organisation to work on its core objectives and goals.

Premises Planning

Maxwell FM will take all the financial documentation that is available and place this into a meaningful Premises Plan for a 5 year plan. This will include Health and Safety aspects, Wish Lists, Condition Survey findings and any other considerations at your site.

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